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Kingo Energy


Brandbook guidelines

UI/UX Design

Release Date

June 2015

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Kingo is changing the way electricity is distributed. We helped them with an easy and beautiful website to help users understand how this guatemalan startup is changing the world. One bulb at a time.

Kingo is a socially focused business that offers renewable energy service to off grid rural communities without access to electricity. Their mission and vision is to provide clean, safe and affordable prepaid solar energy eliminating the need for expensive and unsustainable alternatives for 1.3 billion people without access to electricity worldwide.


When we first met with Kingo, they came in with an idea and a logo. They needed everything else. The first challenge we met was to institutionalize the brand by creating a brand book filled with ways of applying the brand and pieces that will help us communicate our message across the communities.

Kingo´s needed to get this project out in the world in order to look for future franchisee to expand their project world wide.


We understood that Kingo’s main concern was to be the light in the darkness, therefore, every element in the design should always reflect positive attitudes and happiness. Everything should represent the power of light and the contrast of it over darkness. So three words where used to represent this:


Here’s how we did it...


The logo was originally designed by Reforma Branding. The face represents the earth and the end of the antennae represents the sun shining on earth. The eye represents the beginning of the Ying-Yang symbol and the smile is happiness.

We did a subtle redesign and created the rest of the branding.


Creating the brandbook gave us a style guide of how the brand needed to be managed. It contains guidelines for colour swatches, typography styles, logo usage, and other material and resources that should be implemented whenever they are necessary.


We faced two target groups. First the people in the off grid communities that needed to know about the existence of Kingo and how it works. Second, the businessman interested in buying franchisee.

From the beginning we knew the entire design should be friendly and clean. With a lot of images that businessmen could relate and the people in the communities could understand.

business cards

letter and envelope


Promotional Artwork

In order for people in the communities could find out and understand Kingo’s solution, the Kingo Team needed posters, flyers, banners to help them communicate important graphic information and to help them spread the voice.

kingo posters
kingo flyers

Social media was also taken into account in order to promote the main message of the company, and certain artwork was adapted to fit the format.

kingo twitter

Kingo Social Media


A website needed to be developed to the future franchisees around the world. This website should have a lot of images and information about how the present franchisees are working. We needed to create a responsive design that could be clearly seen in any device.

Kingo Website

The website purpose is to inform and reclute businessmen who could be interested in buying a Kingo Franchise.

We applied a responsive design so it could be seen in as many platforms available as possible. The design is based on a grid 12 structure with modular blocks that can move according to the resolution of the screen that's needed.

Service & Technology

At all times we wanted the user to feel comfortable with our website, so we made the navigation as friendly as possible.

We wanted to user to move inside the Website very fluidly that's why we designed a navigation bar that can be accessed anywhere in the page. Also, we created sub menus inside each page to allow the user to find topics of interest inside each page.

Kingos Website has many features including, videos to inform the visitors, galleries with pictures of Kingo, its employees and families in the off grid communities, blog with news and upcoming events, google maps to locate the headquarter, forms to reclute for jobs, etc.


Finally, taking into the account the segment of the population the service is intended for, illustrations where developed to explain, the easiest way posible, how the system works.

Kingo Ilustrations
infografia 1 infografia 2 infografia 3 infografia 4 infografia 5 infografia 6 infografia 7 infografia 8 infografia 9 infografia 10 infografia 11 infografia 12


Hours invested.


Increase in site traffic.


Happy client.